To all of you 14 year olds ….

I know NONE of you want to hear my advice, but I am writing anyway to whoever reads it. No one will make fun of you if you are having fun.. and if they do it is because they are jealous. Be a dork and play, create and be immature. You are sooo beautiful and I hope that you see that and respect it. Go play in the creek, try out for all kinds of things, You are not to old to play EVER! Play! Dance! Have fun! STUDY because once you are old enough to do all of these things you are dreaming of, you will need the knowledge and money to do so. You are loved! Jesus loves you more than anyone on earth can. JUst sayin. YOu are beautiful and I hope you see it.







Dena McMullen - I love this, Kate! Girls always want to grow up too quickly and it’s not fair to them. They definitely need to realize that you’re only young once, so play while you can. Heck, I’m nearly 24 and I STILL play. ha! :)